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eBay not allowing iPhones with Flappy Bird included as an app?

Hello everyone I don't get this. eBay is not allowing iPhones with Flappy Bird installed sold on it. I understand you need to do a factory reset. Having apps on phones is now (sadly) a voilation of terms of service. What I don't understand is that three of my listings were removed so fast before I could blink. Yet there are listings that have completed without a hitch. And even relisted. Listings like this one I've been following:


Flappy Bird Listing 4S


So why do I feel like I am the only one being targeted by eBay. Also I asked customer tech support that my phone is jailbroken and if a customer requests an app or game installed before mailing the phone out whats wrong with that. The CSR said that that's perfectly fine. Yet after posting on my listing that if a customer needs an app installed they can send me a direct message, My listing within a few hours got removed. So I would  like someone to please help me out in this matter.

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As often is the case, eBay CS told you wrong. And you're not the only one targeted. But it's easy to get: 

eBay is not allowing iPhones with Flappy Bird included as an app.


Ok. I got that. No problem. So this only applies to Flappy Bird then. Like can I say "If a customer needs any apps contact me via message". Cause when the listing got removed eBay does not clarify the reason for removal. And I don't want to call CSR and waste time with them.

CSR's are minimum wage responders that often have nearly no actual knowledge of ebay rules and regulations. Calling them and depending on their advice can often get you in trouble.

Your buyers will need to download their own apps-disregard what that rep told you they were wrong.