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How Can I See Who's Watching...

if I don't have auctions ending on 'today'? That seems to be the only way I can see who is watching any and all of my auctions. So, I am unable to monitor the watchers throughout the whole auction period. Is there someway to get to this data that I am not seeing? The only place I see to get to it is to go to the Summary page and then click on "X Number of Items Ending Today"...IF any items are ending 'today'...otherwise, no way to see watch list. Anyone know what I need to do? Thanks!
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Re: How Can I See Who's Watching...

in reply to new_town_treasures
Are you aware that you can go to - "Back to Basics" link (formerly Original My eBay view link) located at the bottom of left-nav bar? You cannot see WHO, but you can see how many are watching your items at a glance. eBay is suppose to bring this feature into SMP (so they say... I wouldn't hold my breath though...) B-)
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