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How long after you win a bid do you have to pay for it?

 Just curious. I'm new to this.  What is the average time limit?  I don't want to be one of those people that get red flagged.

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in reply to diarradoc

Technically a buyer has 8 days to pay.  A seller can't file the unpaid item claim for 4 days and then they have to wait another 4 days before they can close it and you would get a strike on your record.  But most buyer's pay right away.  If you can't, then be sure to contact the seller and let them know it will be a few days before you pay.  If it's longer then that, you should really work it out with them before you bid or buy. 

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Most sellers like to receive their payment immediately, so why wait at all? Play for your item as soon as the listing ends or as soon as you buy it. It's the fair thing to do. It drives me crazy as a seller when people drag out the time to pay for an item. It just misxes up my flow.

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Sellers like prompt payors-the sooner you pay the sooner they can ship and you will have your item.  :-)