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Accepted Solution
Can buyer leave negative feedback after an unpaid item case is opened but before it is closed in sellers favor?(during 4 day wait)

I sold a bag on 1/27 and I know it is still soon but buyer never contacted me or paid and looking at his feedback there is feedback from a seller saying that he never paid for an item, so I am afraid he is not going to pay. I want to open an unpaid case but don't want to get negative feedback. Can he give negative feedback right after I open a case, during the period that I have to wait for his response? Thanks for any help!

Accepted Solution
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in reply to viviaoluar

If the buyer ends up paying, then it is business as usual, as in they will be able to leave any FB they wish.  It is treated as a normal transaction.


If you close a UPI with NO payment, then NO FB can be left by either party AND if they leave FB before it is closed with no payment, EBAY will remove it.





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