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Registered: ‎12-22-2011
why can't i remove a photo for an item i'm selling?

i admittedly made the mistake of using a stock 'image coming soon' when posting about 50 items to sell. i changed most of them before the 12hr period but missed 5. i've added the correct photos but can't remove the 'image coming soon' picture, which remains as the 'main' picture...  is there nothing i can do to remove it or at least bump it over? feel like it's going to detract buyers. please help!

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in reply to anofpdx

Those listings all have bids.  That's why they can't be edited, not because of any hour mark.

Next time schedule listings for the future.  Plenty of days to edit.  Then unschedule when ready to launch, and save the dime.

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in reply to anofpdx

No you can't if it is too close to the end of the auction.  That is if this is an auction type listing.  But you can write a note stating the error to let bidders know.  If it isn't an open auction you can remove the listing.  But as far as I know these are your only two options.  good luck!