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what does enable watermarking mean?

What does it mean when it gives you the option to, "enable watermarking with my ebay user id"?

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in reply to eknudsen170

It means it puts your ID on your picture in your listing.  It's kind of light and see thru - but it helps keep other's from using your picture without permission.  Click on the link below to see one of my completed listings with the watermark on my picture.  It's on the bottom left corner.



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in reply to eknudsen170

When you chose that option your User ID will appear on all of the photos you upload to your listings.


I use it on all of my listings to prevent picture theft-it's free and I highly recommend it.


Good Luck.

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in reply to eknudsen170

see the response to this thread:



"...eBay does not watermark the supersize and zoom images. They only watermark the mid-sized photos, like the one at the top left of the listing."