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how do I remove pictures from completed listings so they can't be used by others?

Want to delete or remove photos from completed listings, how's it done?

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in reply to upscanbiteme

I know you asked about removing pictures, but when I went to look at what pics you had, I found a Description that I suggest is not very user friendly.


I'm going to give you my opinion on your Descriptions.


The italic passages below are from your first listing, I didn't check any further than the first two listings I fould. They both contain these passages. 


REFUNDS: Only if I send you the wrong item, if that happens , (and it won't) I will pay for return shipping...my mistakes COST YOU NOTHING , as it should be.
Otherwise all items sold "AS IS" I point out any flaws items might have in my auctions so there are no surprises.


Don't discuss refunds in the Description. Tell the member about your item, how great it is, what flaws it has, etc.


Warning a potential buyer you don't take returns is pointless. You can't prevent a buyer from filing a Signifigantly Not As Described if they want to. You'd be better off not discussing returns and refunds in your listings. Telling a buyer you won't refund on return is asking for trouble.


As for damage to the item, eBay will believe everything the buyer tells them about flaws and/or inconsistencies in the item. You will find that a SNAD will result in the item being returned, with you being forced to refund. Also, SNADs on your account's record can lead to selling restrictions or suspension of selling priviledges.

INSURANCE; if needed I pay that as well, if any item you receive is damaged in transit , insured or not , simply send me a photo of the damage , DO NOT OPEN THE BOX , and refuse to accept it from the post office and have them send it back.
I usually go overboard in packaging for fragile or collectible items and haven't lost one yet.


Just mentioning Insurance is a Policy Violation. The buyers don't care that you have insurance on the package. They have the Buyer Protection Plan and the SNAD dispute to reover their payment if you don't do it voluntarily.


By the way, this Description, full of boasting and self-congratulation provides NO description of the item. Remember, the buyer can't pick up and examine the item before they bid on it, so you should be trying to sell the item with words and pictures, not describing how your selling format works.

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in reply to upscanbiteme

Why don't you add a watermark to your pictures to protect them?


when listing, in the pictures section click on add or remove options

click on one or both of the boxes for Picture Watermarks

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in reply to upscanbiteme

If you hosted the pictures on a third party photo storage web site and linked to them from your listing, just change the names of the pictures in your photo storage account.

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It's not possible to remove eBay-hosted pics on a completed listing.