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Accepted Solution
refund (item not as described)

so I bought this shoes which in the listed said completely new and unused, i received them and they were obviously not new 
and there only exist the return option, then if I return those shoes I will be getting the price I paid (price of shoes + the shipping cost )

what I actually paid through paypal +the shipping cost (the cost of sending the shoes back)? 

Accepted Solution
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in reply to manie9110

You will be refunded exactly what you paid in based on the Buyer Protection Program.  You are responsible for the cost of shipping the shoes back to the seller. The seller may reimburse you for those costs at their discretion, but it is not required by eBay

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in reply to manie9110

You are on the right track.....Yes, you will write your seller, ask to return. When seller says ok, do so WITH Tracking so you have delivery confirmation back to your seller.

You aughta see your full (Item and original shipping) refund within 3 days or less.........


A good seller MIGHT consider reimbursing you for your return shipping but don't count on it. Not a seller requirement...(Think about if you had to return something back t a B&M store. They wouldn't give you gas money or pay for your time, to make the return).


Now. If the seller ignorse you or says  'No', that's when you should feel compelled to open an appropriate case. Keep an eye on the case, if it comes to this point.


Read how ebays' Buyer Protection/ Money Back Garr works. You can find all answers in SITE MAP (bottom of every page).