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my paypal payment is unclaimed, seller had wrong address on her account how do we resend payment to right email?

my paypal payment is unclaimed, seller had wrong email address on her account, how do we resend payment to right paypal account? She asked for my paypal email, can't she just send me a new invoice through ebay with her corrected paypal account? She sent me her email to send her money through paypal directly, but will this show up as paid on my ebay account?

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in reply to boulder_bay

The seller cannot change the email for payment on the listing.

The Pay Now links direct payment to the email on the listing.


The seller must ADD that email to her PayPal account.  then your Unclaimed payment will go through.


IF the seller cannot do this, because there is a typo in the domain for example, then the seller needs to Mutually Cancel the Transaction and relist editing it before uploading.


Do not use Send Money to her correct email or pay a PayPal Money Request from it, that voids eBay Buyer Protection by paying outside of eBay Checkout.

Never rely on eBay nor emails for accurate payment information.

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No - do not pay thru her paypal account.  You will not have ebay's protection that way.  send your seller this link to correct the problem and then they can re-invoice you.  they have to correct the problem at some point anyway if they want to continue to sell.


How can I claim a PayPal payment?



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