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I sold some items and they were paid. I see the balance in my PayPal account. I am a new seller. Are the funds available now ?



I have read you have to wait 3 days before using. Where can I find info on this?

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in reply to vmcc9333

Hi vmcc9333


Some sellers have a waiting period.  Others do not.  You can try moving the money now, and if it lets you, then you don't have a waiting period.


I would strongly suggest that you not move the money until you have shipped the items, of course.

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in reply to vmcc9333

Your Paypal account  will show activity and if it says completed then  the money is available,You can check your Paypal Account under the "help" for further answers, however, keep in mind, the buyer also has 45 days to possibly return the item for whatever reason, so it's best to let that money sit there. 


Sadly, this is what it is.

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in reply to vmcc9333

You read wrong.


IF you are subject to the new or below standard seller hold, your payments will be held until three days after the uploaded (to PayPal) tracking shows delivery.


Not three days after the buyer pays.


IF the money is in your balance, it should be available. They don't add it to your balance when it is on hold.

Never rely on eBay nor emails for accurate payment information.

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