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$10 off first purchase for new customers with bill me later?

When does the $10 come off of the purchase for new customers using the bill me later option with paypal?

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in reply to holmanjon88

Well, I would not get your hopes up very high of ever seeing the credit. Not only did your credit score take a hit because Bill me Later is considered a "lender" I've been told that it may not show up for several statements if at all.
I would not have a serious problem with any of that, but I'm also now finding out through research that Bill me Later is being investigated by the feds, and unless things have changed recently you cannot pay your balance through your original Paypal account. They want your bank info, and the interest is ridiculous, 

Bottom line is Ebay should be ashamed of themselves for allowing that deceptive $10 off purchase now banner. 
I have perfect credit so it was no big deal for me to sign up. I fully expected $10 off my first purchase (an $89 hard drive) and it to just get paid through my longstanding Paypal acct. Terrible Ebay! :smileysad:

Just do a Google search "Bill me Later $10" and you will find many unhappy customers who fell for this scam. 

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in reply to holmanjon88

It will be deducted from your bill at the end of the billing cycle.


BML is a high rate credit account administered by an outside bank. It has to be applied for, and it is not guaranteed that you will be accepted. Starting limits are usually around $300, and the interest rate is pretty high (minimum of 19.99% and may be much more, based on your credit history).