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Registered: ‎10-24-2012
how to do i get exact prices on postage on auction postings?

I've been having problems w/ postage,I list an item,price for shipping always is different when shipping label is printed.I'm needing to learn more on how to get exact prices.

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in reply to dogbuggy321

Use Calculated Shipping when setting up listing.  The calculator relies on the information: weight, dimensions, method, destination to be correct in order to give you exact quotes.  Be sure that data is accurate.

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in reply to dogbuggy321

First you need to package your item in the box or padded envelope it will be shipped in and add the packing material and paper work, do not seal it shut and then weigh it on a digital scale, you can buy one on Ebay for $25-30.00, make sure it will weigh up to 35 lbs. then once you have your weight you enter it into the space provided and the dimensions of the package,  then you choose the " calculated shipping " option and once the item is listed it will show the buyer the correct shipping to THEIR ZIPCODE.  If you have done this correctly you should have no more problems.

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in reply to dogbuggy321

With calculated shipping, your buyer will pay the retail rate, but as an ebay user, you will pay the commercial base rate, and top rated sellers pay the commercial plus rate (which is even less).