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Registered: ‎09-16-2012
can i ship an item to france by usps and what is the shipping cost

I need this question answered because a customer asked me this question pertaining to an item i have for sale.

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in reply to basicblacc76

Yes, you can ship to France by USPS.


The shipping cost for International shipments is calculated from country to country.


Calculate the cost of mailing the item to their country here: http://ircalc.usps.gov/ and send them a quote.


At the same time, it's prudent to remind the buyer that they are responsible for paying all import duty, tax, and fees which may be collected by their country when the parcel arrives.



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in reply to basicblacc76

And if you ship and DO NOT have online viewable proof of delivery - you will learn the hard way - $$$ - that's not a good idea.

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in reply to basicblacc76

There is no way for anyone here to know that.  We have no idea what you are shipping. 


Pack it, measure it, weigh it and go to usps.com.