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What delivery service does eBay require for items shipped over a certain amount? I was unable to find in policies section...

I remember having to add another confirmation-type of service, but am unable to remember which.  Thanks...

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in reply to sunbum411

You need online-viewable signature confirmation if the total PayPal transaction is $250 or more.


The name of the USPS service is Signature Confirmation; it's basically an upgraded version of Delivery Confirmation.  You can find a checkbox for it on the eBay or PayPal label generating forms, and it is also available if you pay for your postage at the PO.


Do not let the USPS clerk talk you out of using Signature Confirmation; you need it even if you choose to purchase insurance. USPS requires a signature for items that are insured for over $200 but it isn't viewable online so it doesn't meet the PayPal requirement.


I'm not sure what UPS calls their signature service, but I do not it's not automatic since I rarely have to sign for UPS deliveries for items that I purchase.

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in reply to sunbum411

It's called Signature Required (USPS; UPS has it already) and it's for any amount $250, including shipping cost charged to the buyer,