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Registered: ‎01-28-2013
USPS Parcel Select doesn't appear as a shipping option when printing labels

I am trying to print out my labels with the USPS new Parcel Select shipping option/cost and it doesn't show as an option.

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in reply to chrissy1653

The reason you don't see it is because you cannot buy it through the Post Office- not in person over the counter - and not with Click-N-Ship.


I know, I tried, 3 different Post Offices and I downloaded the latest version of Click-N-Ship.  Each post office told me that Parcel Post ended last Saturday - it's over - they also said the replacement product is called STANDARD POST - not Parcel Select.  They told me Parcel Select can only be purchased through 3rd party vendors like stamps.com - $15 per month to use.


The Click-N-Ship software from the Post Office shows STANDARD POST where Parcel Post used to be, so the person that said it doesn't take effect until March is so wrong.  Parcel Post is gone now.


What won't be available until March is printing Parcel Select Labels on ebay - also for a fee. 


Parcel Select is not a replacement for Parcel Post (Economy Shipping).  We could print Parcel Post labels for free using Click-N-Ship. Now we will have to pay someone (stamps.com, PitneyBowes, ebay) a fee to do it.


Really, STANDARD POST would be the more appropriate replacement for Parcel Post - but alas, it is the age of greed, and ebay couldn't extort aother fee out of us if we can print a label for free - now ebay can charge a fee to print those labels, but not until March - that is the real slap in the face. 

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in reply to chrissy1653

This is all a mess.  USPS has just lost my services and they are struggling as it is, why did they decide to make it worse???  I did choose Parcel Select and obviously that is not a real option for shipping.  So when I chose Priority it was 8-9 more Dollars then FedEx.  Guess I am switching to FedEx now way to go USPS for losing more business.  

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in reply to chrissy1653