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I checked my tracking number and none is found

I ordered an items on ebay.  Keyed in tracking number by shipping co shown and it says no number exist....Or I checked UPS and no tracking number there.  I cannot find out about my order which should have been delivered 7-27-12..  Thank you.

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in reply to hvacman111



You are looking at the delivery time if the item were purchased today. You cannot see the delivery time for the past sale.




Please note that the delivery time you are given by eBay states it is estimated. Your package is only one day late.


It IS a tracking number and USPS even prints it as "Tracking # " on the labels now. It may not show every stop, but it does track the package delivery. Try the tracking number at usps.com and If it says no such number exists, it means you have been given an incorrect tracking number. Contact your seller and ask for the correct tracking number.

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Is it really a UPS tracking number? Or USPS Delivery Confirmation (which isn't tracking)?

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Where did you see July 27?  Your item is being shipped via USPS and the estimated delivery date is 8/1.

This also means that you do not have a tracking number. You have delivery confirmation.

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What is the item number?



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