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Filing a fedex damage claim when eBay is considered the shipper

Now that eBay provides FedEx shipping with monthly billing, there is a serious problem when trying to file a damage claim. When filing a damage claim at the FedEx web site,  the shipper is automatically listed as "eBay marketplace with an address of 2145 Hamilton Ave, San Jose 95125" once tracking information is added. This can not be over-written as it will reset itself if you try. 


A call to FedEx indicates eBay must file the claim... 

A call to eBay indicates they've never heard of such a thing... 


Can someone please shed some light on this problem? Obviously the seller needs to refund the buyer, but the seller deserves to be refunded by FedEx when they fill in the declared value for insurance reasons. 

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I have an early Christmas present for everyone:




800-622-1147  Option #0


Ask to speak to a "Customer Advocate"


Spent over an hour on the phone today with FedEx.  Spent a half hour on the phone last night with ebay.  They are both totally CLUELESS regarding this issue.  I am speechless at the incompetence in not foreseeing this issue.


ebay customer service reps are worthless on this issue.  They have not been trained.


God help you if you don't call the FedEx US call center.  The overseas reps will have NO IDEA what you are even talking about.


The customer advocate I spoke with today filed my claim FOR ME and e-mailed me my forms and tracking number along with instructions.  She had me on hold for 30-minutes while she argued with ebay on another line regarding ebay's "weekly" change in procedure for FedEx insurance claims.


I've never seen anything like this.


Good luck everyone.

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Yes, this is a big problem.  Since eBay's contract with FedEx requires eBay to be shown as the shipper instead of the actual seller, any claim for loss or damage must go through eBay.  I doubt that eBay thought of this when they agreed to the contract.  This is the biggest fault of the FedEx program.  You may need to be persistent and keep calling until you reach the USA call center.  You probably will also need to talk with a supervisor.  I am not sure anyone will know how to handle this problem.

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I thought I would help since I just went through this myself and had come here first looking for guidance. I didn't call anyone. I went on Fedex's website and found the claims center. I filed the claim with my tracking information and I had to attach a copy of the customer invoice and also the receipt I had for dropping the package off.  When I input the info I was told that the tracking number did not belong to me, but was asked if I wanted to file as a third party. I answered yes and put in my email as a contact. It did say that it took 5 to 7 days to process the claim. I was not able to follow the claim as the third party, but I did receive an email a week later that the claim was processed and I would hear the final decision in another 5 to 7 days. Exactly 7 days later there was a check in my mailbox from Fedex. Not much trouble at all, but a lot of wondering what would happen without being able to follow it. And a bit hard to tell the customer that you weren't sure how it was being handled or who they might here from to inspect the damage if that was necessary. I did refund her immediately, because I didn't feel it was her fault that her item arrived broken. I hope this helps someone :smileyhappy:

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It's been almost a year since this question was posed and the answer hasn't changed.

The ebay agreement with Fedex somehow removes the ebay seller's ability to flle a claim directly - and ebay personnel claim that they're not allowed to do so.  I've ended up being phone-transferred four times and finally a guy says "I understand the problem, I can see that we put you in a bad spot, and I will personally issue you the insurance claim you deserve."  But that doesn't fix the systemic problem -


For now, I recommend against using ebay shipping via Fedex, because the claims service, if a package gets lost or damaged, is horrible.  I've spent six hours on the phone so far, and it's only for $80.  My time's worth more than that: I'm spending this much time on it, hoping to learn how to navigate the system better next time.  But I fear the only way is to avoid the system and use a Fedex account directly.