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Registered: ‎09-25-2012
When I go to my purchase history, It doesn't show the Items. Where did they go? How do I prevent Items from dissapearing from my History?

I've made several purchases over the years, and I used to be able to see those purchaces in my purchase history, also all my old ebay communication was in my ebay inbox.   Both are "cleared out"  this is very upsetting to me as I wanted to check on the specs/description of one of my purchases, and Now it is "MISSING"...   Where did my email and history go?  Am I the only one that this has happened to?

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in reply to chukandsarah

Ebay is chock full of glitches these days.  For your purchase history, you can click on Archived at the top and see if the items are there.  Or in the recent purchases, there is a period box at the top and you can change the time period to last 60 days.


As for the messages, I'm not sure about that.  You can look in trash on the left or archive - but don't know if that would help.


Also, try cleaning off your computer (cookies, cache, etc) and restart.  Or upgrade you browser or use a different browser.  I understand Internet Explorer is the least compatible with ebay.

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