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Can't sign out!

Help! I can't log out. I know where the log out is (upper left corner, click arrow, click "sign out"), but clicking on it doesn't do anything except bring up a blank screen. I've tried it over and over, even closing Internet Explorer and bringing eBay back up, but it stays signed in as me, even letting me pull up my account and my history. I'm on a public computer and can't get online except through Internet Explorer and I can't leave the computer with my account still signed in!

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in reply to chally123

I have the same problem, in Firefox.  It doesn't even bring up a blank screen; the drop down at my name just doesn't do anything at all.  Nor the "Daily Deals" link next to it. They're both broken.  The "My eBay" and other links on the right side of the screen work fine.

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odd... delete your cookies,history etc on your computer  that will log you out and clean up things.

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