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Registered: ‎03-29-2012

How should I price my Phantom Mini-Series DVD?

Hi.  I am having a sort of eBay sale of stuff I've had over the years and forgot about.  If you check my recent listing and sales history, yes I have/had quite a little collection of things Phantom and Lord of the Rings.  I came across one of my old DVD's I bought, still in very pristine shape, of "The Phantom of the Opera," a version starring Charles Dance and Burt Lancaster.  It was originally aired in 1990 as a TV mini-series.  I enjoyed the DVD and practically have the movie memorized, but now it is time to clean things out and I just have not played this DVD for about five years or so.  Okay, ON TO THE POINT!  :smileyvery-happy:


My question is: I want to play fair but have no clue how to price this.  I compared it with other sellers and saw a major, major difference.  The particular copy I have, going by the UPC code, appears to be collectible.   Decent copies are listed for at least $50 here and at Amazon.  It says "1999 release" as a description and is regional for USA only.  Strange, because this is counterintuitive to me.   The older copies listed as 1990 can be played worldwide but are going for a lot cheaper as low as $3.


I don't want to short change myself but perhaps I am too big-hearted with fellow phans as well.  Wanting to know why such a strange discrepancy in the pricing?


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