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how can i get rid of the ads that i think are inappropriate on the ebay pages?
there are ads that pop up on different ebay pages that i think are inappropriate for my children to see. How can i delete them or just have them not to pop up? thanks.
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in reply to 127wolfie
Hello. If you mean ads that ebay is putting up of "like items that might interest you" or "what others who bought this like" or "whats popular on ebay now", etc...then you cannot block or delete.

Every time I view an OP's items, I get ebay recommending like items...which I have no interest in purchasing. And I too wish they could be turned off.

Good luck
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You shouldn't be receiving ANY pop-ups. Turn the pop-up blocker on in your browser settings.

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if you are getting inappropriate pop ups on ebay then you have a problem on your computer. You have spyware or malware. If your kids use your computer then you should have a very good security program running all the time.
I run 4 firewalls, real time scanning and a full security suiite. I run security updates eevry 5 days and a full virus scan every 7 days. I learned the hard way years ago. Now nothing gets through.

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