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about refund issue.


I need help in my case. My product is only for 110V and already mention in the post. However, there is a girl doesn't notice about this and bought it. She paid me through paypal and I received the payment.


Here is what I want to do. I would like to cancel this order and refund her back money. How I can do it? Will ebay and paypal still charge me in this case?


I am a new in here and i really don't know what to do.


Please help.




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If the winner does not want the item and you haven't shipped yet, use the refund link in the transaction details in your PayPal account. PayPal will reverse the fees you paid them if you use that link.


Ask the buyer to agree to a cancellation. If she agree you will get athe final value fee credit from eBay.

See here:



IF you already shipped, wait to get the item back before you do the above.



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Please Make Sure the Power is 110V in your country before you place the order.

I'll bet the average User doesn't even know what this means. You should do your own homework here, and Exclude countries that don't use 110V. 

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The United States uses 120 volts alternating current at 60 cycles, and multiples thereof, has for many years.


To my knowledge, they still use 110 volts at 50 cycles in the UK.


There are products that will work with variable voltage without creating a dangerous heat overload, but yes, it's better to make sure.

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