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SOMEONE PLEASE tell me what "trade cloth" means!!! I just want DECENT, USED HARDCOVER books (not mini-books), & can't find this answer

Someone please tell me what "trade cloth" means!!  I just want decent, hardcover, used books.  Is anyone THERE  NOW that can help me? I find eBay and Half.com the HARDEST place on the web to find answers, or to find a live chat.  If anyone can help me, PLEASE, ASAP!!  Thank you so very, very MUCH!!  Monica Heath

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in reply to mh1crochet

Here's info from a related discussion:


Trade Cloth is the standard hardcover binding. High-circulation books have a higher-quality binding called "library hardcover," but trade cloth is fine for privately owned books.


When you walk into a bookstore, the "hardcover" books you see for sale there for $27.95 or so are all trade cloth books. You don't have need for library binding, as it costs about 50% more, and is almost never sold over the counter in bookstores.


FYI, Live Chat at eBay or half.com would never be able to give you an opinion about what "trade cloth" or any other item descriptor is.

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There's an amazing thing called google.  If you type a search in it, it generally returns an answer faster than yelling at people who provide free help on forums.


I searched "what is a trade cloth book?" there were answers from at least 2003 about this.  


I hope no one finds this response rude; it isn't intended to be.  

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in reply to mh1crochet

I spent 8 years working in a main stream bookstore and never heard or used the term Trade Cloth.  A Trade book is an oversized paperback not the standard smaller size we are all so used to for mass market fiction. CLoth I have only ever heard, in the store and with a friend who was an antiques book dealer, as referring to the type of hardcover a book has.  I can't imagine where Ebay got their term.