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How do I cancel an order I have already paid for but haven't yet received? The seller also has not shipped the .

I ordered a book for school almost 2 weeks ago. The seller has yet to ship my book and I already missed my assignments. I've messaged the seller to try and see if I could pick my book up seeing that we don't live so far away from each other. The seller won't answer my messages and has yet to ship my item. Can I cancel the order since it has not been shipped and be refunded my full pay?

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How do you know he hasn't shipped if he's not answering? Sellers are not required to mark little My eBay icons.

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You can't cancel.  The seller would have to send you a request to cancel.  What you can do is file a claim for an Item Not Received in the Resolution Center.

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You bought a book thru Half.com - is that the one?  I so, here is the link for their buyer protection policy:



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