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Perfumatic Chanel Bottles any experts?

Hi there, need a little help. Found two of these bottles at a local estate sale. They are marked for Perfumatic machines only. The tops are Chanel and I know that Chanel used to be in the 50s one of the perfumes you could buy in the perfumatic machines. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me a little more about them and if this looked like the bottle that would have been in th



e machine?  These are not the best pictures but there is a fill line and on the bottom it reads for PERFUMATIC machines only. It appears the person who owned these ended up putting their own perfume in them. I just wondered if thebottles had any value?Thanks so much, Mary

5100075589_ferragamo shoes boucher pin 048.JPG
5100075590_ferragamo shoes boucher pin 047.JPG
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Re: Perfumatic Chanel Bottles any experts?

in reply to sawyer62

I have the machine and yes, this is the bottle.  However, the bottles don't have caps because they screw into the machine.  Therefore, it appears that someone put a Chanel cap on this bottle.  The bottles tilt into the machine.

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