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how do you reverse feedback left to a seller?

I'm trying to reverse feedback that I left to a seller as the corrected the issue, I have went to my feedbacks in my account and I can't seem to find the seller there? I have been in contact with the seller last time was as of today and that is where they stated I should go, the seller is doyoumind-2005 and I can not find the item or them anywhere, so what else can I do to give them positive feedback insted of neutrel? I have only reversed one other feedback as I haven't had trouble with most sellers.

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in reply to lindz420xx

The seller has to send you a feedback revision request.


How sellers can request Feedback revisions from buyers





Be sure to always try to work out something with your seller before leaving feedback.  Negative feedback is a last resort - a seller can only do a few feedback revisions per transactions.

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in reply to lindz420xx

You left them neutral feedback on Jul-23-12  @10:41.

I found it by clicking on your feedback, and clicked "feedback left for others".


As stated, the seller has to send you the request for revision.

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in reply to lindz420xx