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Board Policies Explained

Hello everyone,

Some time ago, we promised to put together a more complete explanation of the Board Usage Polices, and we have now done so. Some of you may recognize a lot of the text in this, as much of it has been used in posts or emails over the past couple of years.

We added some additional info based on comments received when we asked for input on several public boards a couple of months ago.

We've put it into a "read only" board, so that as new questions arise, we can add additional explanation and clarification in a way that is easy for all members to see. For instance, recently many members have asked for clarifications of the Signature File guidelines, so we've added additional information about those.

It is long and dull and sometimes recursive, but we hope it will make it easier for those times when a member really needs help figuring out exactly what we mean, and what eBay expects. Some may want to read it all, but most will only need to read the thread that applies to the policy they have a question about.

It will shortly be added to the list of boards for easy location. In the meantime, here is the link to the whole thing:


We hope you'll find this helpful! :-)

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