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how do i send invoice to someone that wants to buy a unsold item

could you tell me how to send a invoice to a customer that wants to buy one of my unsold items

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in reply to skibum731

You don't - that would be an off-ebay transaction and a major policy violation.  And you wouldn't have ebay's protection.  You have to relist the item.  If it was an auction, then just change the starting bid and when they place their bid you can end the listing selling it to the highest bidder.  Or you can relist as a fixed price buy it now for the amount.

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That would be an off eBay transaction and it is not allowed.

You have to re-list again so they can buy it.

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That would be considered an off ebay transaction and is not allowed. You need to relist the item at the agreed upon price and shipping, as a buy it now,and have the buyer buy it.

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I have the same question/problem.  A customer bought an item, now wants several more.  They are willing to buy through eBay, in fact they insist on it.  So they are not trying to "scam" anyone. 


They simply want to know if they can make a purchase as one does at any other retail website.  I don't see how it is currently possible on eBay, but I also don't see how it would be much of a problem either. 


Get the invoice through eBay, pay through eBay, eBay gets their cut, PayPal gets their cut, I make a sale.  Where is the harm?


Yet, as I said, I don't think eBay has thought this one through yet.  It still centers around the auction model.  Of course they will eventually expand to embrace this new revenue stream, but for now I don't see a way to do the deal.


For the inevitable "Why on earth would you ever want/need to do that?!" comment, it is because it is simpler, faster and a better service to the customer.  It is unnecessarily cumbersome and time consuming to post a BIN listing just to sell something to someone who is all ready to buy. 


Not to mention the fact that unless you do time or wording "tricks" someone else may buy the item and you have to make the customer wait while you go through the whole process again.


Or at least those are my thoughts on the matter.

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You don't.


What you want to do is an eBay violation that can get you suspended.


You RELIST the item - the bidder buys it.

THAT is how you sell it.

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Is there something in the water? Several sellers have asked about selling after auction ended without bids.