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How to post note on 'sellers you follow' list

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A note can be posted on  'My ebay' items. Because ebay keeps changing their format, I can't find a way to post a note on ' 'favorite sellers' list or now called 'sellers you follow' list.  help dcoy10

I was wondering the same thing today. I used to note on my saved sellers what item I purchased from them or why I saved them. It was nice while it lasted.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Can't. New process. Function deleted.

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The opinion given here is my understanding of the policies I have read, and personal experiences on eBay. You paid nothing, feel free to value it based on that price if you wish.
Thanks all, but buyers can still use the 'more actions' drop-down window that sill has 'add note' to the the 'My ebay' item list page, that may be needing a note. The 'sellers you follow' page does not have this note feature. It did have the note feature until ebay changed the 'favorite sellers' or now called 'sellers you follow' list. I like to know what a seller is mostly selling, fair s/h cost etc. As I've said before, Ebay is still trying to fix something that isn't broken. dcoy10

Answers (2)

Answers (2)



eBay has done away with the "Notes"

I still have notes on my Saved Sellers list.  But it's invisible until you hover the mouse over it.  At the bottom of the box is "delete" or "edit notes". 

=^^= Save a stray today.