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***Update - Staying Signed in to eBay's Community Forums***

We wanted to take a moment to update you about a change to how long you may stay signed in to the eBay Community Forums (such as the discussion boards, chat rooms, eBay Groups, or the Answer Center) without activity.

After you sign in, if you are "inactive" or "idle" for roughly an hour, you will be automatically logged out. After being logged out, you'll still be able to view threads and read posts, but to post, report a post, or vote in a poll, you'll just have to sign in back again. This is a standard practice on the internet, designed to increase security. It's similar to being automatically logged out if you forget to sign out intentionally when accessing your online bank account.

Also, your activity on the eBay site does not affect your Forums sign-in. For instance, if you post on a discussion board, spend the next one hour looking for a gift or collectible on eBay, and then return to the discussion boards to post, you will need to sign in again. If you have any questions, please visit the Technical Issues Board.


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