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Board Usage Policy Clarification: Guidelines for Discussing Group Projects

General Guidelines:

1 - Members need to adhere to existing Board Usage Policies except where these guidelines provide exceptions and additional clarification specific to Community projects.
2 - Threads dedicated to Community projects must adhere to the Boards and Groups Projects Guidelines.
3 - The activity within threads should be inclusive of all members, and content should be respectful of all members. Disruptive posts, hostile comments, and interpersonal disputes are already prohibited by Board Usage Policies. Members should take extra care to show courtesy and respect in threads dedicated to community initiatives and projects. Any threads that become disruptive for the Board on which they are located may be terminated by eBay.
4 - Members must follow instructions and guidelines from staff, as well as be willing to accept input on Group Projects.
5 - Boards are to keep threads limited to one for each project per board.
6 - Members are permitted to advertise generally, within the project thread, that they have listed an item for the group’s project. However, links to individual listings or the posting of item numbers is not permitted. Such advertising must directly relate to the Community project, and repetitive threads are not permitted.
7 - Members must respect the privacy of participants and adhere to all Board Usage policies pertaining to such.
8 - In situations where members feel that they cannot discuss their project freely enough on a discussion board, the use of a public eBay Group might be considered. However, the use of an eBay Group for these projects must fully comply with the Groups Usage Policy.
9 - It is also permissible to post, within the project thread, the URL of an off-eBay website that is being used to help organize or promote a group project, provided that the website is not a means for promoting activities that would violate the eBay User Agreement if the site was being hosted by eBay. Abuse of this provision may jeopardize the ability of a board to host group projects in the future.
10 - Projects related to charitable causes must follow the additional guidelines below.

Additional Guidelines for Charitable Projects:

1 - Projects that involve the support of recognized charities must adhere to eBay’s Charity Listing policy. Discussion of ways to circumvent this and other eBay policies are prohibited.
2 - Generally, if the group project includes plans for fundraising for purposes other than for recognized charities, discussion of this aspect should take place off the Boards.
3 - Group projects to support charitable causes, whether it is for an established nonprofit organization, to help a fellow eBayer in need, or for other charitable causes, differs greatly from requests from individuals for help with their own specific need.
4 - The discussion of needs as part of a recognized community-chosen project is probably appropriate. Other types of “wanted” posts and open solicitations for monetary and other types of donations or assistance are not considered to be community projects. Such posts are only appropriate for the Giving Board and are not permitted on any other discussion board.
5 - Attempts to circumvent this policy by disguising solicitations, using euphemisms, or other attempts at circumvention are prohibited.
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