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what happen to want it now site

what happen to the want it now site, would like to see it back

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I hated that site ... as whenever I used it I got emails from sellers who were trying to push items that were nothing like what I wanted.  For example, I received a notice of sunglasses with an attached radio when I was looking for a coffeemaker.  I'm

thinking that many other members had the same problem so eBay discontinued the site.


From a buyer's point of view ... the Saved Search function works far better.



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"Want it Now" was discontinued in November 2012

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ebay did away with it months ago.  I liked it too - from a seller's standpoint.  found some items that buyer's were looking for that I had.  But I know what paws is saying about the sunglasses - that person was spamming something fierce and I was reporting them right and left. 

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