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Accepted Solution
can i change shipping destinations during an active auction

i have been asked to ship an item to england that is currently listed to ship in US only.  If I agree am I allowed to ask buyer to pay additional shipping cost. 

Accepted Solution
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in reply to tinberdall

just be sure that the buyer provides the new address to paypal when they pay so that it is the ship to address that paypal tells you to ship to.

if not done this way, you forfeit seller protection.



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in reply to tinberdall


You should GET the shipping cost NOW.

You will need to ship with online viewable proof of delivery -- that is EXPENSIVE.  Buyer may not want the item when they find out how much they have to pay.


You need to ship via Express Mail or Global Priority to get online viewable proof of delivery.  Take the item to your local PO tomorrow and ask them cost for that item.

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