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when an item is out of stock when will you get the item back in stock

When does ebay re order out of stock merchandise?


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in reply to lynn6914

They don't.


ebay DOES NOT sell anything.

ebay does NOT order anything.


ebay is like an online newspaper where INDIVIDUAL SELLERS list their items for sale.


You need to ask the individual seller that you bought from (or are planning to buy from) any questions you have.

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eBay never runs out of stock because ebay does not stock anything. eBay is a listing service for buyers and sellers.


If you want to know about a specific item you need to contact the seller that said they were out of stock.

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Um, eBay doesn't have anything to do with a seller's items being out of stock. Did you buy something that is "out of stock"? Then you will have to ask the seller to explain further.