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Registered: ‎09-30-2008
How do I move multiple items to a different category with in my store?

I created a now category in my store titled Littlest Pet Shop. How do I know move all 82 of them over to that category at one time?

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in reply to jjgsales

Or, if you want to just add them to the new category and still leave them in the old one as well, there is a spot where you can simply click on to add the additional category to each item you want. Close to the top of the listing in your store, it shows the category your item is listed, and there is an additional empty box directly below which has a drop down menu.

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in reply to jjgsales

Each listing has a little box to its left.   Click on all the boxes you want to change, On the tab above choose "edit selected" and the bulk editor will open up.   In the bulk editor, click on the master box t the top of the list, choose "edit" and make the changes you want.