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Community Member
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎08-06-2013

Picture unPerfect -- Or Why did they Change the ONE thing I really liked???

Here, I have been listing items one at a time, using, and liking the photo editor.


Today, I went to list an item, loaded some pictures, TRIED to hit the edit buttons...and it wants me to update my computer to IE9!!!!


OK, no problem.  Except, when I checked, since I have IE XP, I CAN'T update to IE9.


Drats!  Smiley Sad  And if my little sad smiley could cry, it would!



Community Member
Posts: 1,663
Registered: ‎01-14-2009

Re: Picture unPerfect -- Or Why did they Change the ONE thing I really liked???

[ Edited ]
in reply to claddagh_caregiver

I still use Windows XP SP3. The highest IE I can use is IE8. So I switched to FireFox 1 - 2 years ago.


I currently use FireFox 21.0. Firefox 23 is available. I have no issues uploading photos to eBay or working on eBay with version 21.


Perhaps you might want to try FF.


I started with FF15 when I switched from IE 8. I had issues with FF 16 and went back to FF 15. I was on auto-update for FF so I changed to warn if a new version is available and not to auto install. I try to stay a version behind so as to have time for any issues to be worked out before I go with a newer FF.


Using FireFox or Google Chrome (I have GC installed but rarely use it) is the only way to have an up to date eBay supported browser on Windows XP.


By the way, XP support (no more security updates) is discontinued April 2014 so yo might have to think about getting a new system. I hate to change but it looks like I will have to.