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Community Member
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎10-15-2010

Changes to Ebay Pictures Search and Upload SUCK!

Someone please explain to ebay the saying "IF AIN"T BROKE DON"T FIX IT".....Even rednecks are smart enough to realize people don't like change, especially change for the worse. It is almost impossble to search and FIND anything through the thousands of photos and items with the new picture views. What was SO wrong with the old system? Also the new photo uploader is so annoying and takes twice as long to upload - Listen closely people - twice as long means half the items!! Not to mention how many people just say "screw it" and don't bother to list at all! EBAY get a clue and stop running off both BUYERS and SELLERS with your incessant UNNECESSARY changes. SEEMS Like to me changes are being made just to keep your developers busy!!!!!
Community Member
Posts: 681
Registered: ‎03-10-2008

Re: Changes to Ebay Pictures Search and Upload SUCK!

in reply to okmodavi
When using Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), with the latest versions of flash, in some instances the Standard uploader cannot remember the last folder used for uploading, thus it defaults in the Documents folder causing you to browse your system each and every time you want to upload a photo

The issue lies within an incompatibility with IE and flash, and not necessarily an issue with eBay. There are many other flash-based uploaders on the Internet that behave the same way.

At current, there are a couple of ways to speed up uploading.

1) Place all at the images that you are going to use for a particular listing in one single folder. Browse to that folder, and select all the images that you want to upload by holding the CTRL key on your keyboard, and left-clicking the images that you want to upload. The selected images will highlight in blue, then click the upload button. The uploader will upload all the selected images at one time, preventing you from having to browse your computer for each and every photo. ;-)

2) Try the FireFox web browser. It is a much faster web browser than Internet Explorer, and often more reliable than Internet Explorer, and works great on eBay. As an added bonus, FireFox can remember the last folder used in a upload without fail.

Community Member
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎12-26-2006

Re: Changes to Ebay Pictures Search and Upload SUCK!

in reply to okmodavi

You bet it sucks....if you can't smoothly upload fotos, maybe ebay should just go to balck and white text ads.


I will try to find some other online auction service that actually works

Community Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎11-23-2006

Re: Changes to Ebay Pictures Search and Upload SUCK!

in reply to okmodavi

I am getting seriously frustrated with E Bay. Something fundamental has changed with the picture uploading process. I am using the self hosting option for uploading pictures from a website that I have created that features these images in large sizes. When I type the URL to the large images that are on this web site into the self hosting image field (I also tried the "copy web files option} the larger size images do not appear when the viewer of the auction page clicks on the "see larger version" link below the thumbnail image that appears on the auction page. instead a window opens up that shows the same thumbnail image! I just spent about 45 minutes on the phone with a tech support rep at E bay and I stumped the tech person who essentially walked me through the same process that I have been trying for the past two days. She finally gave up and told me that she was going to file a report and that I would receive a reply from a higher level of tech support. This used to be easy. Now it's hard. Once again they fixed something that wasn't broken. AAAARRRGGGGG!!!!!!

Community Member
Posts: 7
Registered: ‎11-21-2009

Re: Changes to Ebay Pictures Search and Upload SUCK!

in reply to okmodavi

Were you able to upload your photos?  I changed my browser to Firefox and all was going well uploading...then....the listing froze!  What the heck is going on with ebay???


Any help?