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Community Member
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎04-21-2009

Can't Upload Pictures

I've seen others post similar things to this: Can't upload pictures
I click 'add pictures'
(the picture window opens)
If its not already selected select the 'basic' option
Then click the 'browse' button (really _half_ of a browse button that shows..how its always been)
(window opens for selecting file)
I select the image-file I want

Then I click 'upload'
watching the status bar I can see
- Sending request to msa-b1.cgi5.ebay.com
- Waiting for msa-b1.cgi5.ebay.com
- Read include.ebaystatic.com
- Done
Then it just sits there doing nothing, even when left alone for an hour.
no errors, no time-outs, simply nothing

I'm using FireFox
Mmy image files are well below the maximum sizes they say.

I see the standard canned responce of "update your flash player"...as a reply to some posts.
Which does no good for me as I don't even have that vile addon installed in the 1st place (and will not install it)
I'm using the "basic" uploader which doesn't require flash, only javascript (which is both enabled & allowed)

I've tried clearing cache / rebooting / waiting a day .. still doesn't work

Be aware I can't reply to posts here in the forums - clicking "reply" does absolutely nothing (I believe this is un-related to the photo issue)...yet I can post/start a new topic
Community Member
Posts: 13,380
Registered: ‎09-25-2011

Re: Can't Upload Pictures

in reply to i486_jay

"Mmy image files are well below the maximum sizes they say."

Are they bigger than the minimum size required"

read here;


Community Member
Posts: 10
Registered: ‎05-19-2012

Re: Can't Upload Pictures

in reply to i486_jay

Having the same problem. Cleared cache, waited, reboot - doesn't work at all. Need help please