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Community Member
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎12-10-2010

In new version all my FREE SHIPPING items come up as ASK FOR SHIPPING QUOTE

eBay mobile just updated on my Android devices, and I am not happy with it.. biggest issue, on all listings with FREE SHIPPING, the app shows ASK SELLER FOR SHIPPING QUOTE!@!? Way to ruin sales!
Folks that is a pretty serious flaw, especially after sellers have been ENCOURAGED to offer free shipping... 'Ask for quote' will drive shoppers Away!
Community Member
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎12-10-2010

Re: In new version all my FREE SHIPPING items come up as ASK FOR SHIPPING QUOTE

in reply to modpropshop

Folks - this issue appears to be in =all= mobile versions of eBay that I have checked, including mobile web & iPad, iPhone. This issue has been reported to eBay mobile's development team, it is an actual issue, a bug - and if you are a seller that offers free shipping - a pretty major bug that impacts YOUR VISIBILITY & SALES.

Here's what is up:

If a seller offers "FREE SHIPPING" but also offers "GET IT FAST" (as recommended by eBay) with an additional 1 day shipping option, their listing does not show up correctly on mobile as "FREE SHIPPING", it will come up either ';calculated' or 'ask for a shipping quote' - depending on app and view.

I recently went out of town & upped my handling time to 5 days, removed GET IT FAST - and was shocked because I suddenly had a giant increase in sales - while I was out of town. Weird.. when I came back, and reinstated "GET IT FAST" sales dropped..

Now I see why - anyone shopping on mobile sees "GET SHIPPING QUOTE FROM SELLER" instead of "FREE SHIPPING" if I offer additional "GET IT FAST" shipping!!


I can't even fathom how many sales I have lost because of this bug  - and because eBay development didn't properly beta test their mobile web / apps before pushing out to the public!