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Community Member
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎07-20-2004


How on earth does Missionfish get away with taking 20% of the money raised by selling an item that is going directly to charity?  This seems to be a real ripoff.  20%?  Really?  I asked a rescue group to sign up for it and the president said no - they take way more then they should.  I am sorry that I got another group to.  I am sorry I sold stuff through Missionfish.  I should have done my homework - but I never imagined Missionfish would take 20%.  Does Ebay have a soul?  There is no way this is just to cover costs except someone at Missionfish is paying themselves handsomely to do thsi. This needs to be investigated!!!!

Community Member
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎07-14-2009

Re: Missionfish

in reply to gatogatogato

I think 20% is too much too. Further, and the reason I found this thread, is either MissionFish or Ebay Giving itself, is painfully slow.

A fund was started that I wanted to donate to. I remembered I had an item sell and I had a donation due. I just paid it. It was my final item and I looked up my donation history and the righthand column shows 'donation status'. The four oldest show 'delivered' but the last six show 'paid'. "What the hell is that?" I thought.

Pointed at a 'delivered' one and it shows the paid and delivered dates. One month apart. Pointed at a 'paid' one and they all show as two months!

In every case, I checked the box that makes it sound like the charity gets the money immediately and I am not eligible for a refund.

How and why does it take a month for the charity to get the funds? I think this is complete B.S. Immoral and unethical. Illegal? I don't know.

So, in this day of electronic everything financial, MF and eBay Giving, are holding funds so they can make some interest on funds that I directed to be sent immediately to the charity of MY choice?!?!?

Check you donation history and see for yourself.

Community Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎02-14-2008

Re: Missionfish

in reply to gatogatogato

I agree.  The Mission Fish is a rip off.

Trying to get rid of this donation account is a pain also.

Can not any doc to get ou of it


Community Member
Posts: 6
Registered: ‎08-17-2011

Re: Missionfish

in reply to gatogatogato

How to remove Unauthorizaed third party (Mission Fish) from your Ebay Account.   After donating today.  I read this blog.  I went to my "Account", "Site Prefence" scrolled down to Third Party authorization and sure enough Mission Fish was automaticaly added on to my Ebay account.   I checked the "removed the authorization" button. I hope this helps and works.  Ebay should send an automatic email to tell people who has third party authorization to their account.  I would think in this ecomony they would not want to piss buyers off.