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Community Member
Posts: 6
Registered: ‎12-19-2006

Looking for advice on ladies vintage, diamond, Glycine watch

I have an old Glycine watch that was given to me by an elderly woman many years ago. I took it to a clock/watch repair shop to get an estimate on having it repaired as it does not run. The only information I got back from the repair shop was that it was unrepairable but that I would have a nice watch if they replaced the insides with a quartz movement.

My question is, I hesitate to remove and replace the insides of a nice watch if it might be more of a collectible than just a nice, repaired, quartz watch. I have posted pictures here:

Sorry, but that is as clear as I could get.

The watch is marked 14k and has 20 diamonds. Marked on the movement is "Glycine Watch Co., Swiss, 17 Jewels, Unadjusted". Model 150 and under that 4648. The case is marked Major Watch Case, 14K Gold, 8816866.
So....should I have it repaired and have a nice watch or could this be worth more to a collector, as is, and sell it here on eBay?
Community Member
Posts: 2,970
Registered: ‎10-13-2005

Looking for advice on ladies vintage, diamond, Glycine watch

in reply to adopt-a-boxer
These watches don't have huge collector value to begin with, but installing a quartz movement in a vintage watch always turns my stomach. You don't mention what your watchmaker said was the reason it couldn't be repaired, but the most common problems with old watches are:

1) Dirty - easy to repair with a cleaning
2) Broken mainspring - easy to repair and parts are always available
3) Broken Balance Staff - Parts could be difficult/impossible to find. New staff can be custom-made, but $$$
4) Rust - Extreme rust from moisture/condensation can sometimes be repaired, but its not cheap or easy.

One option, if the movement truly isn't repairable, would be to buy another "donor" watch on eBay that has the same movement and transplant the movement to your watch. Glycine manufactured tons of these older watches and you'll find them all the time on eBay. If you can find a working watch in a plain non-gold case, you can probably pick it up cheap and take it to your watchmaker. Just a thought.

Community Member
Posts: 6
Registered: ‎12-19-2006

Looking for advice on ladies vintage, diamond, Glycine watch

in reply to adopt-a-boxer
Thanks Greg for the information. I didn't speak to the jeweler, he just wrote unrepairable on the repair slip so I do not know exactly what the problem is. He did a great job renovating a diamond Hamilton during the same visit so I was surprised at the suggestion to replace the movement. I guess first I will get a second opinion and see if someone can tell me what the problems are.

Thank you again.