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Community Member
Posts: 22
Registered: ‎02-02-2011

How to Get a Difficult Back Off a Watch to Change Battery?

Thanks for any insight.

Last year I had a Brighton watch that needed a new battery - I tried to pry the backoff with jeweler's tools and could not do it - wound up scratching the back - so - I sold the watch on Ebay with disclosures about the scratches and that it needed a new battery.

I recently got a beautiful brand new Brighton watch - it needs a battery. I am thinking of keeping this one myself.

The backs of Brighton watches don't have the small "niche" where you can insert a small tool to get the back off. I have changed watch batteries myself before, but this one is beyond difficult.

I don't know if letting a jeweler handle it would work - they could make a damage disclaimer, struggle with the back and scratch it also.

What would you do? - suggestions welcome.

Community Member
Posts: 1,407
Registered: ‎10-22-2007

Re: How to Get a Difficult Back Off a Watch to Change Battery?

in reply to philatech1
just bring it to a jeweler and for $15 - $20 you have a working watch again - no big deal

any more and find a new jeweler
Life has become immeasurably better since I have chosen to stop taking it seriously.
Community Member
Posts: 1,624
Registered: ‎01-31-2008

Re: How to Get a Difficult Back Off a Watch to Change Battery?

in reply to philatech1
Bring it to a watchmaker............;-)
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