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Registered: ‎11-30-2005

Selling antiques/vintage on ebay vs Etsy?

I have been selling various items over the years on ebay but recently opened a store which includes vintage, antique and handmade items. I wanted to know if anyone with experience in these items has also sold on the Etsy website with more or less success? Also if anyone has any tips for a relative newbie, I would be happy to hear them. Thanks!

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Re: Selling antiques/vintage on ebay vs Etsy?

in reply to ragsnrobots

I'm new to owning a store too.  I did list an item on Etsy and I got one nibble.  But the item ended up sellingon ebay.  It's pretty cheap to list on Etsy, so for my better vintage stuff I find, I'm thinking about listing on both sites.  On Etsy isn't only .20 for four months.

I don't have any tips - I'm still on a learning curve myself.



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