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RCA LC-1A speakers in cabinets with amp inside 1


RCA LC-1A speakers in cabinets with amp inside 1

These speaker cabinets hace RCA LC-1A speakers inside with markings MI-11411-a , also in 1 of the cabinets is an RCA amp model SP-20  MI-12191.  Should I part these out and sell seperately or would it be better to list them with the cabinets,speakers and amp all together. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, I really do not want to ship the cabinets but if it would be worthwhile I will.








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Re: RCA LC-1A speakers in cabinets with amp inside 1

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If the LC-1A speakers are in good condition, they are worth quite a bit of money.  I don't think that anybody who would buy them would wince at the cost of shipping them.

You might try putting the entire speakers up for sale on eBay and see if you get any bites.  Set a starting price you could live with if the listing gets only one bid (I'd guess somewhere between one and two thousand dollars might be a good starting price).

You might find that a buyer would purchase the speakers in their cabinets, then have you ship only the speakers (and possibly the electronics) to them.

If you get no bites on the speakers in the cabinets, then you might consider selling the speakers and electronics without the cabinets.

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