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Need a Trading Assistant in Atlanta, GA


Need a Trading Assistant in Atlanta, GA

I have a large number of items that I need to sell prior to Christmas and am looking for a trading assistant or EBAY seller in Atlanta, Georgia, to assist me (Northside-Brookhaven area). I have frequently sold items on EBAY myself in the past but do not currently have the time and need to move these items for storage reasons. Majority of items are Madame Alexander Dolls and other children's items.

Look forward to hearing from you if interested.


Re: Need a Trading Assistant in Atlanta, GA

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Go to the TA board home page where you first went to post your request and scroll to the bottom to find the Find A Trading Assistant link.

From there you can enter your zip and a few surrounding codes and find one close to you. Not every TA checks into these boards so your request may not be seen by just the person you are looking for in Hotlanta. 

I hope that helps. 

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