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Registered: ‎05-27-2008
How do you change bidding to you own time zone?

My computer shows bidding in PST and I thought that I had found a place to change it to CST, but it continues to show PST.  Where do I go to change the bidding time so that I know in my own time zone when the bidding will end.  Thanks.

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in reply to nbkiv28

You just have to do what the other millions of users do and subtract one hour in your head if you are on mountain time, two hours if central time, three hours if eastern time, that is the way ebay has worked for over fifteen years.

Wish my fingers would pay closer attention to what I spell correctly.
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in reply to nbkiv28

There is no place on eBay to change bidding to your own time zone.


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in reply to nbkiv28

You can refer to the eBay official time map as well.