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Registered: ‎08-17-2013
why do i have to update browser from IE8 to IE 10

Is there a reason why I have to upgrade my browser fromIE8 to IE10 to make a listing to sell

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in reply to doc815

If you are getting that message, it means that eBay has made site changes that won't work in IE8. Either upgrade or use a different browser such as Firefox or Google (which both, by the way, work much better with eBay than Internet Explorer).

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in reply to doc815

Even IE10 users are getting that browser upgrade message when trying to list - so no, it's not necessarily going to make a difference. This has been an ongoing tech issue with ebay for at least the past week or so when trying to list instead of relisting.

Try another browser and see what happens.

Or try using another form - ie, Sell Similar.