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Registered: ‎06-20-2013
Why won't ebay accept my credit card?

I have been trying to purchase an item for the past 3 hours with my perfectly fine visa credit card, I called my account holder and they said there was nothing wrong with it and I made absolutely sure my data was correct when I entered it! I do not have a paypal and this happens almost every time I wish to buy something off of ebay! What do I do? I am extremely upset about this and demand an answer or this problem to be fixed!

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in reply to fudgeyyuki

The only way you can use your credit card without Paypal is finding a seller that is has a merchant account that will accept credit card payments directly.

There are a few, but the majority of sellers request Paypal payments.


It is easy to link your credit card to a Paypal account. Is there some reason why you can't open a Paypal account?

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in reply to fudgeyyuki

EBAY does NOT HANDLE purchase PAYMENTS in ANY way, shape or form.


That is what PayPal is for.


If you want to buy on ebay - open a PayPal account and register your credit card with PayPal.

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