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Registered: ‎04-13-2011
Regarding Error Code 9998. When trying to print shipping labels via/Ebay and Paypal. It cannot retrieve the information to create a label.

I have gotten this code for a week. I've called and reported to ebay 3 times. First was told it would be corrected within 24 hours. Now I'm told it could be 30 days. I cannot print my labels through ebay. Therefore, I have to either go to USPS.com and upload the tracking number myself or go to the PO because some items you can't print the postage on USPS. Also, it takes time to double check the address I type in, etc. Is ANYONE else having this problem. I've tried clearing my browser and my other browsers. I find this INCREDIBLE that this is happening during the holiday season. Can anyone do anything? And if this is happening to everyone, why doesn't ebay talk to us about it? And, are we going to get the shipping discount retroactively? This is a lot of extra work to keep the TOP RATED SELLER rating.

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in reply to weluvyougirl

The TRS Promotion is for the reason for the sellers. However, did your customer(s) paid through Paypal if so have you try to print them there. No, I have not have any problems at all. Is your software on top(update). Kill (delete) all of your "show history" to clean and if that doesn't work try to clean your cookies, cache and other download.

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in reply to weluvyougirl

I have not been able to print labels since middle of November from ebay or paypal, it is not your computer, there are quite a few people having this problem, my error message always says cannot connect to server but when I do the trouble shoot it says the server for pitney bowes is bot connected to internet. I can print from usps and usps.com with no problem. Hoping they get it fixed soon.