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Community Member
Internet Explorer 11 keeps shutting down whenever I visit Ebay. Any answers...nothing seems to work
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎05-10-2012

Whenever I visit Ebay, Internet Explorer closes & reopens, only to shut again.  I have IE 11 on Windows 7.  I've searched for answers, clearing browsing history, resetting IE, compatability views, etc.  Nothing seems to help.  Can anyone offer some advice PLEASE!  Getting very frustrating & I've used Ebay for years.

Other Answers: 3
Community Member
Posts: 6,041
Registered: ‎04-21-2007
in reply to critchmom

IE is the worst browser you can try to use with ebay.  IE hasn't played well with ebay's newest design since IE9.  If any of the compatibility modes aren't working for you, try using Chrome, Firefox or Safari.


“To be able to ask a question clearly is two-thirds of the way to getting it answered.” – John Ruskin
Community Member
Posts: 12,087
Registered: ‎10-21-2011
in reply to critchmom

I have WIN7 and use IE9 not in compatability mode and it works perfectly fine.


If your machine previously had IE9 on it then I would suggest you try to go back to it-you can find instructions on the Microsoft help pages or by calling them directly 1-800-642-7676.


Of course if you'd rather try Chrome or FF thats your choice-I do have Chrome as a back up but never use it and sorry but had major problems with my PC when I tried out FF-cost $200 to repair and I'll never go near it again.

(Personal opinion based on personal experience that's all.)


But if you look through the posts of the past couple of weeks you will see that both Chrome and FF have had their share of issues lately as well so no browser is perfect 100% of the time.


Good Luck.

Community Member
Posts: 12,170
Registered: ‎02-13-2006
in reply to critchmom

Download and install either Firefox or Chrome.
After download and install, you may need to update your Adobe Flash.